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Miễn là khi cài win đừng có ngứa tay xoá ổ mac hoặc format phân vùng EFI. mình chọn được oc hay win bootloader rồi,h muốn chọn os từ opencore thì làm thế nào nữa nhỉ.Get email updates # ... OpenCore configurations, patches, and notes for the Thinkpad X1 Carbon 6th Gen 2018 Hackintosh ... OpenCore EFI for Intel Hackintosh (macOS 10 ... Jun 27, 2020 · I use opencore for compatibility and everything can be setup in a non macOS environment. It also injects drivers support (kext) differently than past methods and is far more stable. This also means updates are far less likely to break your system and boot times are just as fast as a regular mac, if not faster.

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Hi people.. I will show some basic informations to start configuring OpenCore bootloader. This is EFIs structure EFI ├── BOOT │ └── BOOTx64.efi └── OC ├── ACPI │ └── Custom ├── Drivers ├──...

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Front room brain: Mac mini 2014, 4GB RAM, 256GB SSD, macOS 10.14.6. Outdoor buddy: MacBook Air 2012 11", 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD Am besten finde ich das ganze zur Weihnachtszeit, ob du willst oder nicht nach einem Clover Update ist immer das...本文标题:. macOS Catalina 10.15.6(19G2021)原版镜像 by OpenCore-0.6.1-08-12编译版 文章作者:. 独行秀才 发布时间: 2020年08月13日 - 12:08:23 最后更新: 2020年09月27日 - 09:53:33

{"release":{"tag":{"name":"OpenCore-0.6.4-11-15","path":"/shuiyunxc/OpenCore/tags/OpenCore-0.6.4-11-15","tree_path":"/shuiyunxc/OpenCore/tree/OpenCore-0.6.4-11-15 ... 远景论坛 - 微软极客社区 › 论坛 › 国内权威黑苹果论坛 - DIY你的苹果系统› macOS Catalina. [OpenCore] thinkpad X1C OC EFI 分享(支持1560蓝牙). maxbirdzhang 2020-6-14.

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